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20 Aug 2002


We've spent all our spare time in the last few weeks checking/repairing the computers which came over from Singapore. The sponsors warned us that they might not be up to our standards but we were still surprised to find that some had no hard drives or power supplies, whilst others had all their internal leads disconnected as if someone had started to repair them and then given up. So we have been working until midnight stripping them down and replacing/swapping components to get as many working as possible; we've used up all our spares and are left with several empty cases from machines which have been cannibalised for parts. Our room has been completely taken over and looks more like a warehouse or workshop than a bedroom. The one good thing I can say for all this work is that we are now much more proficient in repairing old computers! Oh yes, I forgot to mention the 1000+ books which came in the consignment; Ming has been sorting them in her "spare" time for distribution to the schools. You can see her multitasking in this photograph taken on our web cam. When you next feel pangs of jealousy for our "exotic" life style, just re-read this page :)