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22 Aug 2002


For Phase 2, INitiate agreed to support two new organisations: World Vision and a private school called Kwong Siew. The latter is a school for Cambodian children of Chinese origins and it has an element of philanthropy in its choice of students and the support it offers them. As we began testing computers for our own schools it became clear that many were faulty, so we decided to check Kwong Siew's too. Unfortunately, the factory boss didn't realise there was a problem and arranged for the school to collect their machines. Oops! We got a phone call to say that they were on their way to the factory, but all we could do was turn them away. A few days later we finished checking and invited them over to collect. We were surprised to see a delegation of around ten people including the school directors and a press photographer, and only then realised that we must have sent the same group packing a few days previously! Anyway, they seemed happy enough, especially when they saw the Dell boxes; Ming had to break the news that they were actually Acer machines, but that they are a good brand too! All's well that ends well...