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29 July 2002


Yesterday we made our second trip to Kampong Som, Cambodia's main beach resort. It's a popular destination for the richer city dwellers, though of course not many ordinary people can afford to lavish the few dollars it costs to get there. This time we went on a trip organised by students of the university English Club which we helped to set up when we first arrived. They made a great job of organising everything, right down to buying breakfast to eat on the way. And despite buying crabs, prawns, squid and chicken for lunch, they kept the cost down to $5 per head, including transport. Curiously, a lot of people dressed very well for the trip (we were scruffy as usual) and took nothing with them. When we got there we realised why: they weren't intending to swim. Instead they just sat and played cards and chatted with their friends. Still, some of us jumped straight in the sea and became children again. It was overcast most of the day, which was actually a blessing as we could stay on the beach without getting burnt. It rained as we left, but this didn't dampen people's spirits and the students played games on the bus all the way home, just as they had on the way there...