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01 Aug 2002


With the arrival of 100+ secondhand PCs from Singapore, it finally feels as if Phase Two is getting under way. The container reached the factory on Wednesday and we had to get the yard gang to unload everything so that we could see what was in the boxes and put them back in the right order for distribution - not a pleasant job in the hot sun. Once again we saw that local people work rather slowly and move only when you tell them to - part of their laid back character. But today when the army came to pick up their share of the computers the factory boss, Mr Lim, came out to supervise and the work was done in no time at all - hard to believe this was the same yard crew as on Wednesday! It gave us a bit of a chuckle. Anyway, now we have the task of testing the remaining sixty machines before delivering them to the new schools. Once again our bedroom has been transformed into a workshop, with every spare inch of floor taken up with boxes. After we have set up the first few PCs we will get the teachers from Preak Eng school to set up the rest as part of their training - we're not lazy (honest) we're just thinking about skills transfer!