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01 Dec 2001


Excitement and joy come in many forms - not only coming in early or sneaking into the room to practise whenever it's open. Our eager young Nepalis kids used to run into the class! You would see smiles on their faces and their eyes would light up at every little thing that happened on the computer. As for my Tibetan students, a ripple of delight would pass round the room for even a simple action like clicking on a folder to make it open up. The Cambodian students are quieter and they express pleasure on their faces and in their eyes. The teachers, however, giggle, laugh and cheer. At first we were not certain if it was a good thing to teach people in developing countries how to use computers - another mod con to upset their simple way of living. But our students live in or near the city, so we've to face the fact that they are exposed to modern society. It's better that we teach them properly and for free, and hopefully help them to get a job later. Some students take it further - sending emails to family, friends and us - their teachers. And if they get pleasure while they are learning, so much the better!