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01 Dec 2001


In Nepal our classes started at 8 a.m, but we would arrive half an hour earlier to find there were always students waiting for us. We once asked them if they would come if we were to start the class at 7 a.m. The answer was a resounding 'Yes' - we didn't dare test it out! In my last project I was staying in a Tibetan refugee camp in India and on Sundays my students would knock at my door - 'Teacher, please open the computer room, we need to practise'. Sometimes I would sneak off early to town and when I got back in the afternoon I would find them waiting for me, having searched the camp. They even told other students who were going to town to look out for me! Fortunately I managed to dodge them and got to do my few things in town. Here in Cambodia, the students and teachers are waiting too. Some days when they find us working in the computer room, they sneak in for a quick practice or they look over our shoulders to see what we are doing. If you think their excitement and curiosity will be over after a few weeks, believe me it does not end - they'll be with us as long as we are here with them.