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05 July 2002


It's a bit difficult to get going again after a long period away. We not only have to motivate ourselves but the teachers too. With exams just around the corner and the summer holidays not far away, this is not so easy to do. Still, we have started teaching an advanced course at Preak Eng and Chay Voloman and are busy working with them to get their own computer teaching efforts off the ground. Trying to make sure that a project is sustainable is a major headache - no wonder many donors don't bother about it! Meanwhile we sit and wait for the next batch of computers to arrive, mindful that the time is ticking away towards our departure at the end of September. We have three new centres lined up and are looking forward to starting work with them. One is Udong High School, a good hour's drive away in one of the poorest provinces; another is the regional teacher training centre just down the road from the factory; the third is World Vision's vocational training centre for disadvantaged youths. With these three centres we are trying to branch out a little and reach a slightly different - though still needy - audience. Time will tell if it was a wise decision...