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21 Jan 2002


It's a pity Joyce Grenfell is no longer with us, she could have created a beautiful sketch based on Ming's teaching: "Okay everyone, open Paint. Open Paint. Quickly, you should be able to do it quickly by now. I said Paint, that's Notepad. Close it and open Paint. Come on. Hurry up. Okay, everyone ready? Excuse me, why are you drawing? Did I say to start drawing? Clean canvas, clean canvas. Don't mess around, we're wasting time. Now, go to the network, find PC-01, then the Practical folder and open Heart. Network, PC-01, Practical, and then Heart. How many windows have you got open? Two? Three? You should have three windows open. Now close PC-01 and tile the two Paint windows. Tile vertically. You should know how to tile by now. Good. Good. Er, why did you close Paint? Did I say to close Paint? How can you tile your windows now? Excuse me, why have you started to draw again? How can I teach if you keep doing whatever you like and don't listen? Okay. Everybody! Close all your windows. Close all your windows. We're going to start all over again..."