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19 Jan 2002


There's trouble at t'mill. At least, there's trouble for our friends the guards. A series of minor incidents has left them out of favour with the boss and in fear of their jobs. First, some of the factory's garments were found for sale in the local market. Then a week later a motorbike was stolen from the factory bike sheds, and there's only one exit - right past the gate house. A big investigation was launched but the culprit couldn't be found. After two days of being made to study the security videos, the chief guard had a headache and it was rather hilarious to see him with an ice pack on his head, just like in the cartoons. Poor guy! Then last night the guard on duty got distracted and forgot to write down the number of a vehicle entering the factory grounds. The boss happened to check the records and that was it - instant dismissal for the two who had been on duty. We are very sad, one of them especially was our favourite, such a happy young guy with a big smile. We'll miss him saying "hello teacher" and laughing. It's a tough environment over here, no written warnings, no industrial tribunals....