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14 Jan 2002


We arrived at Campong Som (formerly Sihanoukville) around 9.30 and most of the group headed for the market to buy seafood for lunch while we went straight to the beach. What a pleasure to smell the sea again! There were already quite a few people around so we wasted no time in claiming a space under a palm-leaf shade (to be paid for of course) and then dived into the water. The rest of the group arrived, grabbed inflated tyres and began playing like kids - clearly this was a special treat today. The crab-and-prawn lunch was equally enjoyed. The sun got hotter and people kept arriving. It was interesting to see that most swam dressed! A few girls wore swimming suits, but the rest modestly wore what seemed to be their normal clothes. And in a country where men often go around shirtless, most were swimming in shorts, Tshirts and hats, and some were in their jeans - bizzare! But it has to be said that they were all having a great time, not just wih their friends, but with anyone they came into contact with. We didn't get home until 8.00 p.m. but it was a memorable day out...