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01 Jan 2002


We didn't know that we'd be going to a wedding when we got up this morning, but such is the spontaneity of life in Cambodia. One of the girls in the office got married today, so the entire office was invited to the banquet, us included. With over three hundred guests, an extra couple would not be any problem. Although it's a public holiday, the factory is working, so the staff could only go for a couple of hours at lunch time. The actual marriage ceremony takes place in the bride's home with only family and close relatives present, but the main celebration runs throughout the day and evening. A huge tent had been erected outside the house, blocking most of the road, so I hope the neighbours had been invited! The PA system played loud Khmer music and we were kept supplied with a good selection of food, though I have to say that the drink was even more plentiful. When the bride and groom came to cut the cake, real flowers were thrown as confetti and everyone was sprayed with foam, a strange mixture of old and new. Speeches were made, pranks were played, and everybody joined in the fun. I usually dread weddings, but today the time went too quickly.