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08 Feb 2002


Teaching at Chay Voloman and Preak Eng is always a pleasure, despite having to leave home early in the morning. Even students we don't teach come over to say hello and chat, so we always feel welcome. The schools take an obvious pride in keeping their computer rooms neat and clean and have continued to decorate them after the initial installation. We now have the obligatory pictures of the King and Queen above the whiteboard and they have asked for a Singaporean flag to put up alongside the Cambodian one. There are anti-smoking posters on the walls at Chay Voloman and pictures of Angkor Wat and rural scenes at Preak Eng. The local sponsors have been so impressed that they made 250+ T-shirts with a computer logo on the back for each of the schools to distribute to the students. They all came in their T-shirts last week so we took some photographs - it was probably the first time anyone has insisted on them turning their backs to the camera! One of the students gave us a painting of a warrior for Chinese New Year and even the army are warming to us - one of the two girls in the class has started bringing us little presents every week.