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25 Dec 2001


Christmas Day in the workhouse? Well, not quite, but we did teach today. Cambodia, being Buddhist, doesn't celebrate Christmas, so we decided to go to school as usual. Ever thoughtful, the directors and teachers at Preak Eng took this to be our special day and prepared a warm welcome for us. Both classes bought us carvings and pictures and made a small presentation at the beginning of their lesson, all the more touching because it was unexpected. Class 2 even produced a battery-powered Father Christmas to serenade us with Jingle Bells! We took some animated Christmas cards to show them on the PCs, so the lessons went off in a light-hearted and vaguely Chritmassy fashion. Sitting outside the classroom to eat our lunch, surrounded by coconut trees and brilliant blue skies, it seemed this was a fine way to spend the day. After dinner we took our notebook PC and sat for an hour with the guards to show them our photos and the animated Christmas cards - those Flash cards from Yahoo have produced countless smiles! After that it was back to work in our room for a couple of hours, and then... Christmas was over!