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14 Dec 2001


We had scheduled the day to finish testing and setting up the computers at Army HQ by ourselves. Surprisingly, we were waved through the back gate as if they were expecting us - we normally have to argue for five minutes to get in. As we got nearer the computer room we could see that it was full of soldiers working on the PCs. The training officer had decided they should practise every day instead of coming for lessons just two afternoons a week as we had agreed. Since most of them know nothing about computers the room was a complete shambles. Ming was hopping mad and told them if they wanted to run the show then we would go elsewhere. Sadly, we couldn't share in their enthusiam! After calming down we got them using a typing tutor program at one end of the room while we started work at the other. At about 11.00 a.m. we showed them how to shut down properly and they went off for lunch. We worked through the lunch break but after a little while the power went off and stayed off so we couldn't finish fettling even half of the PCs. The soldiers came back, we chatted a while and then sent them on their merry way... not exactly how we wanted to run our first session with them!