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04 Dec 2001


I was up at 05.30 this morning and went for a brief stroll around the factory yard - our "back yard". It was starting to get light, but the full moon was still shining brightly behind a veil of light cloud. The cooks were already hard at work in the kitchen and one of the Chinese supervisors was practising Tai Chi near the garden. I walked past the rabbit and guinea pigs and found the bear still sound asleep in her cage. Several of the guards were also dozing under their mosquito nets, though one flashed past me on his morning run. As I rounded the corner in front of the office block I noticed movement underneath one of the container lorries nearby. A young man and woman were getting out of hammocks slung below the trailer and then I noticed a naked baby about one year old being passed from one to the other. So that was the family I noticed walking around the factory site yesterday evening. They presumably travel around the country together living in (and under!) their wagon. Bearing in mind the state of Cambodia's roads, it's perhaps not such an exotic lifestyle as it first sounds!